Online examination are highly interactive, customizable, trustworthy, secure, and can be accessed in multiple devices.

1. Time Management
Using this software, institutes can get rid of lengthy formalities that include question paper creation, candidate registration for an exam, evaluating the answer sheets and declaring/publishing the results with reports.

2. Efficiency
Online exam software controls the whole exam process and also simplifies every step from conducting exams to the evaluation process. It brings efficiency in the exam process and makes it more competitive. The probability of errors in the evaluation and results is very less.

3. Comfort
Online exam creator helps in creating multiple set question papers for every subject with very less effort and time. These online tests make students more comfortable and boost their confidence this typically helps them in performing well.

4. Cost Saving
It is an economical way to assess and improve the student academic performance any major competitive exam preparation institutes benefit from it as they can easily make their students familiar with the actual exam atmosphere. It becomes easier for institutes to conduct weekly, monthly, online exams and measure the class performance, student performance in each subject/course.

5. Security
It is secure with a proper mechanism to store results and also provides time management. Web Camera present in the computer captures the student photo to ensure proper exam without the chance of any copying, authentic exams also become possible without the need of an examiner.

6. Competitive Edge
This advanced software gives your institute an edge over others and allows students to appear in any state-level or national-level competitive exams in distant locations. The exam creator is easy to customize according to individual needs of your institute that ensures effectiveness.

So, add this unique technology available in shape of institute online examination software for all the above benefits and improve the academic reputation of your institute.

An online exams has plenty of advantages, it is considered the easy solutions to conduct tests, analyze report, generate results and much more.

Find some of the major advantages of online exams:

    • Security and confidentiality
    • Accessibility and Flexibility
    • Cost saving
    • Time management
    • Statistical analysis